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Amazon Routinely Denies Liability for Truck Crashes Involving Its Drivers

As part of Amazon’s plan to dominate the e-commerce industry, it has developed a massive logistics operation to transport more products to customers’ homes as quickly as possible. This has decreased its reliance on UPS and other legacy shippers and built a complex network of shipping contractors nationwide that enables it to shrink and expand its delivery department as required, all while avoiding the hefty costs of employing permanent workers.

However, Amazon’s speedy delivery record comes at a deadly price that the public doesn’t know about. A 2022 report by the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) found that trucking companies Amazon has contracted have been involved in accidents that resulted in the deaths of over 75 people. The problem is that the Amazon drivers operating these vans and trucks around the country do not work directly for Amazon. They actually work for trucking companies that work with Amazon.

The e-commerce giant has repeatedly denied legal responsibility for the actions of the companies and drivers. A Department of Transportation (DOT) review of unsafe driving scores regarding approximately 1,300 trucking companies between February 2020 and August 2022 revealed that Amazon trucking contractors were twice as likely to have unsafe or dangerous driving scores than other similar trucking companies.

In addition, the report found evidence that dozens of Amazon contractors were given conditional ratings by the DOT. Having a conditional rating is similar to being on probation.

Determining Liability for Amazon Truck Accidents is Extremely Complicated

Based on various news reports, police reports, and court records, many people involved in accidents with Amazon drivers do not sue. Amazon has consistently stated that it can’t be held liable for its contractors’ actions as cited in contractor agreements. By signing this agreement, the contractor assumes all responsibility and liability when an accident involving its drivers occurs.

The agreement covers all bodily harm, deaths, or damage or loss to property. Amazon enforces the terms and conditions of its contractor agreements. When the insurance provider of an Amazon contractor in New Jersey did not cover the legal bills of Amazon in a lawsuit brought by a doctor who had been injured in an accident, Amazon sued the contractor to pay the bills.

Unfortunately, it’s hard to determine the safety and accident rate records of Amazon’s numerous contractors since it doesn’t disclose that information. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) also doesn’t monitor accidents involving smaller delivery vans contracted by Amazon.

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