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Are Uber and Lyft Drivers Required to Have Insurance?

Yes. Drivers of Lyft and Uber must have auto insurance to cover injuries when they cause a traffic crash. Rideshare companies require all their drivers to have personal auto insurance coverage, and they also provide extra coverage depending on the situation.

Rideshare Drivers Must Have Insurance to Cover Accident-Related Losses

When you get into an accident involving an at-fault rideshare driver, there are personal insurance coverage, liability coverage, and contingency policies that will cover your accident-related losses. However, which coverage applies will depend on what the rideshare driver was doing at the time of the crash. When a Lyft or Uber app is not turned on, the driver’s personal insurance policy will apply.

When the driver’s app is turned on, Lyft and Uber will provide coverage. Once the driver accepts a ride request and heads to the passenger’s location, the liability coverage will be triggered and remain the primary coverage until the passenger reaches their destination. Below is a breakdown of the insurance coverage provided by Lyft and Uber.

The rideshare app is turned on, and the driver is waiting for a passenger.

The rideshare app is turned on, and the driver is on their way to pick up a passenger, is carrying a passenger, or traveling to the passenger’s destination.

Third-party liability insurance covers property damage and bodily injury that a third party suffered in a rideshare accident. For instance, if the Lyft or Uber driver sideswipes your vehicle, this coverage must pay for your losses.

Uninsured/underinsured motorist insurance covers injuries sustained by the rideshare passenger and driver and another driver that caused the crash if that driver doesn’t have enough insurance coverage. This insurance policy also applies to hit-and-run crashes.

If the rideshare driver has collision and comprehensive insurance on their personal insurance coverage, Lyft and Uber will provide the same coverage. If the driver doesn’t have this coverage, the rideshare company will not provide it either. 

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