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Can a Passenger Be Responsible for Causing an Accident?

Yes, passengers can be held liable for causing a car accident. While most claims stemming from car accidents are usually brought against drivers, there may be cases where drivers may seek compensation for damages from passengers who caused the car crash. This can occur in situations in which the passenger acted in a manner that can be considered negligent, and their actions caused serious injuries or death to other individuals inside or outside the car.

How Can a Passenger Be Liable for a Motor Vehicle Crash?

Holding a passenger responsible for injuries suffered in a motor vehicle crash is not really a common occurrence. The reason for this is that it’s expected that the driver is the one who’s supposed to be in control of the car and the safety of those inside the car and other road users. Technically, the driver is the one who is legally accountable for the care and safety of passengers.

But there are specific situations where a driver or other parties, like a pedestrian, motorcyclist, bicyclist, among others, can hold a passenger liable for the injuries they sustained in a traffic accident. The following are actions that could indicate passenger negligence and liability:

It’s also crucial to note that the at-fault passenger must be directly liable for the crash. Otherwise, the driver will be held liable for it.

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As you can see from above, claiming that a car accident resulted from the passenger’s negligence may be immensely hard to prove. This is particularly true in accidents in which only the passenger and driver were the only people in the car during the crash. If you were in a crash as a driver and are having issues proving that your passenger caused the crash, contact the Leonard Legal Group immediately.

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