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Chartwell Manor Sex Abuse Claims

Victims can File through November 30, 2021

On the outside, the fancy preparatory school Chartwell Manor, styled after posh British boarding schools, looked like a safe haven for reform and healing for troubled children. In reality, however, the kids were living a nightmare, mainly because of the emotional, physical, and sexual abuse they have had to endure at the hands of Terence Michael Lynch, the headmaster, and other school faculty.

Regardless of your age and when the abuse happened, if you were abused in any way in your time in Chartwell Manor, you have legal rights, and you still have time to take action. The Victim’s Rights Bill was signed into law by Governor Phil Murphy in 2019. This historic legislation effectively extends the statute of limitations for child sexual abuse victims to file claims against those who robbed them of their innocence.

With this law, survivors of child sexual abuse can seek compensation and legally hold their abusers accountable for their unforgivable actions. It’s crucial to note, however, that Chartwell Manor abuse survivors must act as soon as possible and join the others who have already filed their claims against the school. You only have until November 30, 2021, to file your lawsuit or your claim will be forever barred. 

The Perverse Life of Chartwell Manor Headmaster Terry Lynch

Most parents only learned of the sadistic abuse that dominated their children’s lives in Chartwell Manor at the hands of Lynch when the school was closed in 1984. The victims testified about medical exams where their genitals were fondled, child pornography, sexual assault, and cuddling sessions after naked spankings as a tool for emotional control.

Lynch was charged with 109 counts in May 1986, which include multiple charges of child endangerment, sexual assault, criminal sexual contact, aggravated sexual assault, and aggravated criminal sexual contact. He pled guilty in 1989 to seventeen of the charges.

After serving only seven years of his 14-year sentence, he stayed in New Jersey, pretended to be a volunteer physician at an alcohol and drug rehab program, and went back to jail for one year for sexually assaulting multiple men at the rehab facility. Those victims received a settlement, while Chartwell Manor survivors have yet to obtain civil compensation. Lynch passed away in 2011 at the age of 77.

Learn How a Chartwell Manor Sexual Abuse Claims Attorney Can Help

If you experienced abuse at Chartwell Manor, you deserve fair compensation, justice, and support to finally put the past behind you and hold your abusers legally liable for their unspeakable crimes. At Leonard Legal Group, our experienced Chartwell Manor sexual abuse claims attorneys offer confidential, free case reviews so you can learn more about your claim and your legal actions moving forward. Attorney Scott Leonard has handled sex abuse cases for 25 years and will fight to get you the compensation you deserve.

Remember—you only have until November 30, 2021, to file your claim, contact us online or call us at 973-984-1414 and allow our Chartwell Manor sexual abuse claims attorneys to help you on your road to healing.