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How Can a Scene Inspection Help Your Case?

Personal injuries occur all the time due to various negligent and intentional acts in incidents involving:

Suppose you sustained injuries in an accident because of another party’s negligence or intentional actions. In this scenario, you should discuss your situation with a New Jersey personal injury attorney to deal with your claim, which includes working with different specialists to investigate the scene of the accident.

A scene inspection can reveal many things about what exactly occurred during, before, and after the accident. Ultimately, it is crucial to help you recover financial compensation for all the losses you incurred in the accident.

The Importance of an Accident Scene Investigation

A scene inspection involves thoroughly investigating the accident so that fault for the accident and liability for your accident-related damages can be established. To illustrate, let’s say that you were involved in a car crash and suffered severe injuries and car damage.

An accident investigator or reconstruction specialist will first use the police report and review the responding officer’s findings to either corroborate or dispute it. They will take photos and videos of the scene and inspect any skid marks, impact marks, final resting points, and other evidence left by the vehicles involved to reconstruct the crash.

Investigators may also test the vehicles for any defects or malfunctioning parts, such as the tires, lights, or brakes, to check whether the vehicle or a component may have caused or contributed to the crash. The results of the scene inspection will help figure out what and who exactly caused the crash and who should be held financially responsible for the resulting damages.

However, a scene inspection alone isn’t enough to prove fault and liability. Your New Jersey car accident attorney must put together all the collected evidence to paint a clear picture of what happened during the crash, who was responsible, and how the injuries and other damages you suffered resulted from the crash. 

If the at-fault party’s insurance provider thinks that the evidence isn’t strong enough, it will deny your claim, reduce your compensation, or let your claim head to trial, where a judge will hear the arguments from both sides. Any weakness in your claim can lead to the collapse of your case, so it’s important to work with an experienced attorney who has the resources to conduct a thorough scene inspection of your accident.

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Because evidence can be misplaced, forgotten, or lost, you need to act quickly after getting hurt in an accident due to someone else’s actions. But accident investigations require ample time, planning, and resources. If you or a loved one has suffered injuries in an accident, you should seek legal advice from the New Jersey personal injury attorney at Leonard Legal Group to protect your rights and best interests.

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