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Is Uber or the Uber driver responsible if I am injured in a rideshare accident?

Many accidents these days involve rideshare vehicles. An Uber driver might have hit you while you were driving or walking, or you might have been a passenger in the Uber when the accident happened. In either situation, if the Uber driver was to blame, you need to seek compensation for your injuries from the right parties.

Determining liability in a rideshare accident can be a complex issue, and it often depends on the specific circumstances of the accident. Allow a NJ Uber accident attorney to evaluate your best options. Consult with Leonard Legal Group today.

Who Covers Your Losses?

Whether Uber or the Uber driver is responsible for injuries sustained in a rideshare accident typically depends on the driver's status at the time of the accident and the applicable insurance coverage.

For example, when an Uber driver is not actively using the app, they are essentially considered a private driver, and their personal insurance would typically apply in the event of an accident. In such cases, the driver would be primarily responsible for any injuries sustained by passengers.

However, when an Uber driver is actively using the app and is available for ride requests or has accepted a ride, Uber's insurance coverage comes into play. Uber maintains liability insurance that covers its drivers and passengers during these periods. If you are injured in an accident during an active Uber trip, the responsibility for your injuries may fall on both the Uber driver and Uber itself.

Uber's insurance coverage during an active trip typically includes third-party liability coverage for injuries to passengers, other drivers, or pedestrians. This coverage may vary depending on the region and specific circumstances of the accident. In some cases, Uber's insurance coverage may be sufficient to compensate you for your injuries.

Filing the Right Insurance Claims

You want to ensure you file all of the appropriate insurance claims after your accident, including with the driver and/or the Uber corporation. Your best move is to have an experienced rideshare accident attorney review what happened and determine liable parties and their insurers.

You also want your attorney to handle all communications with insurance companies, especially Uber’s corporate insurer. The company will look for ways to undervalue your claim and limit its liability, and you can easily say something that helps them challenge your claim. Having a skilled attorney represent you to insurance adjusters helps in different ways, including:

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