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Scott Leonard Sworn in as Secretary of the Morris County Bar Association

On January 20, 2023, attorney Scott Leonard of the Leonard Legal Group was sworn in as Secretary of the Morris County Bar Association. The Morris County Bar Association is a professional association of attorneys and legal professionals based in Morris County, New Jersey.

This is yet another example of Attorney Leonard’s leadership role in the community and across the State of New Jersey. He does much more than simply practice law - he is committed to representing and improving the legal profession for clients in NJ.

Leonard’s Role as Secretary

Serving as the Secretary of the Morris County Bar Association means holding a key leadership position within the organization. As the Secretary, Leonard has various responsibilities related to the administrative and operational aspects of the Association.

By serving as Secretary of the Morris County Bar Association, Leonard could contribute to the legal community, support professional development among members, and help shape the direction and initiatives of the Association. It is a role that requires organizational skills, attention to detail, effective communication, and a commitment to advancing the interests of the legal profession in Morris County.

The role of secretary is in addition to the many other leadership positions Attorney Leonard has had, such as:

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