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What Are the Common Causes of Winter Accidents?

Winter brings the kind of weather that, all too often, leads to an uptick in dangerous accidents, like traffic crashes of all kinds and slip and fall accidents. Winter weather requires taking more care in terms of driving and maintaining commercial properties, and when motorists or property owners fail to do so, injury-causing accidents become that much more common. If you’re injured as a result of someone else’s negligence this winter, an experienced New Jersey personal injury attorney is standing by to help.

Winter Driving

Winter weather is as dangerous as it is unpredictable, and even a small amount of precipitation can lead to slippery roadways and the need for increased care behind the wheel. The kinds of effects that tend to make winter driving so dangerous include:

Common causes of winter driving accidents include several basic forms of driver negligence.

Excess Speed

As winter weather picks up, drivers must adjust their speed safely downward. The greater the effect the weather has on the road, the greater the reduction in speed needs to be to continue driving safely.


To drive safely in winter weather, motorists must focus their complete attention on the road ahead. Motorists who refuse to put away their phones or engage in other dangerous distractions increase the risk factor considerably.


Drunk drivers are some of the deadliest drivers out there. And when you combine drunk drivers with dangerous winter driving conditions, the level of danger involved skyrockets.

Slip and Fall Accidents

Commercial property owners and managers are responsible for keeping their properties maintained to a degree that allows safe passage for their customers, clients, visitors, and other guests. Doing so can be more challenging in the winter months, and when these owners and managers fail to take the following into careful consideration, the rate of slip and fall accidents can spike:

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