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What to Do After an Accident From a Defective Roadway

Defective roadways are more common than people think and can result in severe crashes and injuries. You may be overwhelmed and stressed after getting injured in a defective road accident and may be unsure of what you should do. At Leonard Legal Group, our New Jersey car accident lawyers can help you navigate a defective road accident to make sure you get the compensation you deserve for your injuries and related losses. There are significant time restrictions that apply to these types of cases. For example, notice of claim must be filed with the appropriate governmental agency within 90 days or any claim may be barred.

To help protect your right to fair compensation and strengthen your claim, here’s what you should do after a defective road accident:

Proving negligence and liability in a defective road accident can be difficult. Depending on where the crash took place, a municipal, state, or federal agency might be responsible for designing, constructing, and maintaining the defective road. But figuring out which agency you can hold liable for your injuries and damages may not be easy. 

While the state maintains most highways and freeways, cities usually maintain city streets, and counties maintain unincorporated roadways. In addition, some roadways are maintained and owned by private companies. This is why it’s in your best interest to work with a New Jersey car accident lawyer.

At Leonard Legal Group, we have the resources and experience to deal with such complexities. We will hold all the at-fault parties liable for your damages to ensure that you receive a settlement or award that will cover all the losses you incurred due to the defective road.

How Defective Road Accidents Happen in New Jersey

Poorly designed and constructed roadways and poor road maintenance usually cause defective road accidents. Poorly designed and constructed roads cause crashes due to:

Poor or improper maintenance can also cause severe crashes and injuries. Poorly maintained roads typically have the following:

Seek Legal Guidance From an Experienced New Jersey Roadway Defect Lawyer Now

You must focus on recovering from your injuries after getting hurt in a defective road accident. Leave all the legal aspects of your case in the capable hands of our New Jersey roadway defect accident lawyers. To schedule your free case review with our New Jersey car accident lawyer, contact the Leonard Legal Group at 973-984-1414 or reach us online.