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Who is At Fault in a Fatal Uber Accident?

Losing a loved one in an Uber accident can be devastating for anyone. But you should know that you can get compensated for the loss of your loved one through a wrongful death claim. To do so, however, you must figure out who is at fault or caused the crash that led to your loved one’s untimely death before you can recover compensation. While the Uber driver can be at fault for the crash, this isn’t always the case.

The best way to determine who is at fault in a fatal Uber accident is to speak with an attorney who has experience with Uber accidents and wrongful death claims. If you’ve yet to schedule your free consultation with our New Jersey Uber accident attorney at Leonard Legal Group, here are some factors to consider when determining who you might hold liable for your loved one’s death.

If Uber is At Fault for The Fatal Crash

If the Uber driver is at fault for the fatal crash, you can pursue compensation from their personal insurance coverage. All Uber drivers are required to have auto insurance. However, their insurance coverage may not be enough to cover all the losses stemming from the wrongful death, depending on their policy limit.

If the driver’s insurance coverage can’t cover your damages, you may be able to turn to Uber’s liability coverage. But take note that whether or not you can recover compensation from Uber’s insurance coverage will depend on the status of the Uber driver when the crash occurred. Also under New Jersey law there may be up to 1.5 million dollars in insurance coverage that applies to the claim.

If Another Diver is At Fault for The Fatal Uber Accident

Not all Uber drivers are at-fault in fatal accidents. If another driver or motorist is at-fault for the crash that killed your loved one due to their reckless or negligent actions, you can pursue compensation from their insurance provider. In case the fatal crash involved multiple vehicles and motorists, you can file multiple claims against those who contributed to the crash. Also, there may still be coverage available under Uber’s underinsured motorist coverage.

Beware of Early Settlement Offers From Uber

Since Uber is a massive company, they are wary of lawsuits and will attempt to settle your claim by offering a settlement amount as soon as possible. But it’s crucial to note that you will lose your legal right to sue Uber or the Uber driver involved in the crash if you accept this offer, even if you find out later that the amount is less than what you’re legally entitled to.

They will try to squash a potential lawsuit by offering a quick settlement hoping you’ll accept it. That’s why you should talk to a New Jersey Uber accident attorney before talking to Uber’s representatives and entertaining any offers from them. 

Get Legal Help From a Seasoned New Jersey Uber Accident Attorney Now

No amount of money can bring back your loved one, but it can help with the unexpected and future costs related to your loved one’s death. Let the New Jersey Uber car accident attorneys at Leonard Legal Group help you. We will identify all the at-fault parties and hold them liable for your losses. Dial 973-984-1414 or complete our online form to arrange your free consultation.