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Could Drones Help Your Personal Injury Case?

When it comes to a personal injury case, information is a valuable asset that can help outline what happened to cause the accident. Attorneys often perform research in order to collect information to reconstruct the events that led to an accident. This might include reviewing the official accident report that the police on the scene have filed. It might also include speaking with any bystanders who witnessed the accident, attempting to collect photos and video recordings of the accident, and visiting the scene of the collision to try to reconstruct what happened. There are also advantages to using a drone to gather information that can support your personal injury case.

Benefits of Using a Drone in a Personal Injury Case

In the event of an accident, the emergency response teams are focused on the immediate dangers present at the scene of the accident. They are looking to provide emergency care to those who are injured and prevent anyone else near the scene of the accident from becoming injured. For this reason, additional investigation is often required after the accident. The most common and beneficial use of a drone in a personal injury case is to collect information that can help support that the other party is liable for causing the accident.

Accident reconstruction and investigation allows your attorney to look at what factors and events led to the accident in order to determine liability. When the initial police report does not have sufficient information to outline how and why the accident occurred, additional investigation can help to support your claim. Drones can help to both investigate and reconstruct the accident and outline a clearer image of what caused the accident. Some of the benefits of using a drone in a personal injury case include:

One of the largest benefits of using a drone is that they are non-obtrusive and can fly above the scene of the accident, meaning that if the ground is still inaccessible, the drone will be able to maintain a safe distance while recording footage of the scene. This is a scalable solution that can help to provide accurate data in the event of an accident.

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