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Even Light Rain Can Increase Accidents

Most drivers know that adverse weather conditions can make driving hazardous. But it may come as a surprise to learn that even light rainfall can significantly increase your risk of a fatal car accident, according to a recent study released in the Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society. Taking certain precautions when driving in wet conditions is imperative. When another driver behaves negligently and it results in a car accident, you may recover compensation for your injuries and other losses. The experienced car accident attorneys at Leonard Legal Group fight for injured victims, successfully recovering just compensation for damages.

Wet pavement can be hazardous

According to the American Automobile Association, wet pavement contributes to nearly 1.2 million traffic accidents each year. Almost three quarters of all weather-related accidents occur on wet pavement, with almost half of those accidents taking place in the rain. As roadways become wet, they also become more hazardous, with rain, ice, and snow increasing the risk of fatal car accidents by 34 percent, according to the study in the Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society.

Rain significantly increases your risk of a fatal car crash

Moderate rainfall increases the risk of a fatal car crash by 75 percent compared to dry weather. Heavier rain increases that risk by two and a half times. When there is heavy rain, drivers know to slow down. Often overlooked are the dangers of driving in light rain – even a drizzle — which increased the risk of a fatal accident by 27 percent, according to the report.

Tips for driving safely in the rain

When you are faced with wet road conditions, follow these tips for safer driving:

  • Make sure windshield wipers are working properly and that wiper inserts do not leave streaks
  • Check that all headlights, brake lights, taillights, and turn signals are properly functioning
  • Regularly check your tire pressure to ensure all tires are properly inflated
  • Inspect your tire tread depth as it is critical to maintain good traction on wet roadways
  • Do not use cruise control as it can increase the risk of losing control in wet conditions
  • Slow down to reduce your risk of hydroplaning
  • Avoid turning sharply and braking hard
  • Drive in the tracks of the car ahead of you
  • Increase the distance between you and the car in front of you
  • Always turn headlights on whenever you drive in the rain

We help those injured in traffic NJ accidents

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