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Has someone else’s negligence caused you to suffer physical injury? Whether your injuries are the result of a car accident, a slip and fall, a workplace injury, or another type of accident, if another person can be held legally responsible, then you are entitled to pursue recovery of damages. The Morris Plains personal injury attorneys at Leonard Legal Group are leaders in personal injury law, bringing knowledge, experience and compassionate guidance to your case. Our goal is securing maximum compensation for your injuries.

Liability and damages

Liability and damages are at the heart of personal injury claims. If you suffered injury in an accident in Morris Plains, the individual or entity that you are trying to hold responsible may claim that you are to blame for the accident. If, in fact, you do share some level of liability, this can affect the amount of compensation you receive. New Jersey shared fault laws follow what is called a “modified comparative negligence rule.” This means that the amount of compensation you are entitled to receive will be reduced by an amount equal to your percentage of fault for the accident. So, for example, if you are 30 percent responsible for the accident, then your compensation will be reduced by 30 percent. If, however, it is determined that you legally share more than 50 percent of the blame, you cannot receive any compensation from the other parties at fault.

New Jersey time limits for personal injury lawsuits

Every state has its own laws regarding the amount of time an injured person has to file a lawsuit, known as the statute of limitations. In New Jersey, the statute of limitations for personal injury lawsuits is two years from the date of the injury. There may be shorter time limits and other notice requirements that are required to protect your legal rights. Generally, lawsuits must be filed within two years or the case will not be heard and any right to compensation is forfeited.

Skilled Morris Plains injury lawyers are on your side

Accidents happen. It is part of life. But if you have suffered an injury due to another’s negligence, you have rights. The personal injury attorneys at Leonard Legal Group fight for the rights of accident victims and successfully obtain the compensation you deserve for your injuries. A recognized leader in personal injury law, attorney Scott G. Leonard received designation as a Board Certified Civil Trial Lawyer by the New Jersey Supreme Court. Attorney Leonard also served as President of the New Jersey Association of Justice, advocating for the rights of accident victims. Don’t wait to pursue your claim. Call our office today at 973-884-1414 or online to discuss your case.