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Things We’re Thankful for Every July 4 th

On July 4th , 1776, the Declaration of Independence was finalized, and it laid the foundations for the birth of the United States of America. We’re all here because of this country, and we owe a lot to the events of 1776, which shaped who we are as a country and as individuals more than we can imagine.

The United States isn’t perfect by any means, but as Americans, we have opportunities and freedoms which are, at times, easy to forget. So, this July 4th , we are recognizing all the things that the USA has achieved which can provide the way towards positive life changes for anyone who wants to take them. Freedom is important, and in the US, we all have the freedom to do many things.

Take a moment to think about all that things your freedom gives you, right now, today. Maybe write a few down or share them with a loved one.

The War of Independence was a war about self-determination. Those men and women that fought believed that they should have the right to choose their own destiny. It’s been a rocky road, but for Americans, we’ve never been able to choose our own destiny like we can now. Take advantage of this, and build the life and world you want to live, starting today.

Above everything else, this is what July 4th symbolizes in our collective history and identity.

Happy Independence Day!

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