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What is the Difference Between Sexual Assault and Sexual Abuse?

Sexual assault and sexual abuse can have serious lifelong consequences that are legally compensable. Victims of these offenses can suffer from feelings of guilt, worthlessness, and shame – sometimes for the remainder of their lives. Many victims of sexual assault and abuse suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) for many years into the future and may deal with severe emotional trauma and mental distress.

Sexual abuse usually relates to sexual advances that are made against a person and that are unwanted. Those advances can include forced sexual content or threatening the person sexually. Sexual assault involves harmful and unwanted sexual conduct, such as rape, forced sexual intercourse, or sexual abuse of a minor by an adult. Victims of sexual abuse or assault can suffer serious physical injuries and other types of harm, all of which may be compensable by way of a civil claim and monetary damages (awarded via a settlement or jury verdict).

The experienced New Jersey personal injury lawyers at Leonard Legal Group can help you pursue monetary compensation for injuries that you suffered as a victim of sexual assault or abuse. We can do this by filing a claim, and if necessary, a lawsuit in New Jersey Superior Court on your behalf. To protect your identity and security we can file the lawsuit using initials so that your name is not filed in public court records.

Filing a Civil Lawsuit against an Abuser in New Jersey State Court

Individuals who have been criminally charged with sexual assault or abuse can face serious penalties, including jail time, fines, and/or a significant period of probation. In addition, victims of sexual assault and sexual abuse can file a civil claim or lawsuit against the abuser in civil court. The purpose of filing a civil claim in this instance is to pursue monetary recovery for any physical injuries and emotional damages that you sustained as a result of the sexual abuse.

Pursuing Damages in a Personal Injury Case Arising out of Sexual Assault or Abuse

In a civil case filed by the assault victim, the victim – who is the plaintiff in the lawsuit – has the legal burden of proof. As part of a civil case, the victim of abuse may be eligible to pursue and recover monetary compensation for the following:

Pursuing a civil claim against a sexual abuser usually offers the best chance of recovering monetary compensation for everything that the abuse survivor had to go through – both physically and emotionally. A New Jersey personal injury lawyer can assist you with filing a civil claim or lawsuit for monetary compensation and damages.

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