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Children’s Bicycle Helmet Safety a Critical Issue in New Jersey

In New Jersey, anyone under the age of 17 must wear a helmet when riding a bicycle or skateboard. Many parents are more than well aware of the challenges of getting their child to actually wear their helmet when they are out of their parent’s line of sight. Even fewer parents are aware that helmets made for children are often ineffective due to sizing or unsafe due to design flaws.

Properly fitting a bicycle helmet requires more than just finding something that fits over the child’s head. The helmet needs to be snug and the chin strap must stay securely underneath the chin when falling or involved in a collision. Fortunately, the Brain Injury Alliance of New Jersey has tutorial videos for parents wanting to see how to properly fit a helmet on their child.

Another source of potential helmet danger  comes from helmet designs that are defective. Helmets are often recalled after it is discovered the outside shells either do not do well in impacts, or other problems exist, like chinstraps slipping during impacts. Parents are encouraged to routinely check the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s website to ensure their child’s helmet has not been part of a national recall.

Research shows children’s brains are particularly vulnerable because they are at a formidable stage of development as their bodies mature. Parents can help protect their child from undue risk while bicycling by making sure their bicycle helmet fits properly and  the helmet still affords the protection it is designed to.

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