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Many individuals suffer from injuries caused by physical therapy and rehabilitation center malpractice every year

Physical therapists and other staff members employed by rehabilitation centers are supposed to help individuals recover from injuries. An elderly individual who suffered a broken hip will visit a rehabilitation center to learn to walk properly again. A child may visit a rehabilitation center after suffering a sports-related injury. However, if patients are not properly evaluated and treated while they undergo physical therapy, these individuals may be seriously injured. In some cases, the injuries are permanent. At Leonard Legal Group, our New Jersey personal injury attorneys understand how to identify malpractice that occurs in rehabilitation centers and pursue legal action on the injured patient’s behalf.

Claims against rehabilitation centers

Seeking treatment in a rehabilitation center is not easy. In fact, much of the treatment is outright painful for the patient. How does the patient know when pain is part of the healing process and when it is a sign that something has gone wrong?

It is wise to have an experienced personal injury attorney review medical records and other relevant documents to determine if a rehabilitation center is responsible for an injury. If the attorney believes the rehabilitation center is at fault for the injury the patient has suffered, the patient may be able to pursue a negligence claim. In a negligence claim, the injured patient must prove three things:

  • The defendant owed a duty to the injured patient;
  • This duty was breached when the defendant was negligent; and
  • Due to this breach, the injured patient suffered damages.

Each of these three elements must be proven for an injured patient to prevail in a negligence claim. Without one of these elements, the claim will fail and the injured patient will not be entitled to any damages from the rehabilitation center or the individual that caused the injury.

Damages available in a claim against a rehabilitation center

Depending on the extent of the injured patient’s injuries, several types of damages may be available. These include:

  • Medical expenses for treatment of the injury the rehabilitation center caused
  • Lost wages due to time missed from work
  • The cost of future medical care
  • The cost of making alterations to one’s home, such as wheelchair ramps
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress
  • Loss of consortium

More damages may be available, depending on the individual facts of the claim.

Why hire an attorney to pursue a claim against a rehabilitation center?

Pursuing a negligence claim can be complicated. New Jersey law has several deadlines in place for various actions that must be taken for a negligence claim to proceed. In addition, only certain types of evidence are admissible in negligence claims. To ensure your claim is properly handled and that your legal rights are protected, it is best to hire an attorney.

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