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Morristown New Jersey Civil Litigation Attorneys Fight for Justice for Victims of Sexual Abuse

Taking a stand for innocent victims

There are an unconscionable number of sexual assaults that never even get prosecuted in criminal courts. The problem in many cases is that the burden of proof in a criminal case in much higher than the burden of proof in a civil matter. Filing a civil lawsuit gives sexual assault victims the opportunity to have their day in court and hold their assaulter accountable. At Leonard Legal Group, our New Jersey civil litigation attorneys stand firmly beside you through the complex legal process.

Sexual assault lawsuits against police officers, church leaders and public officials

There has been an outbreak of cases where police officers, teachers, members of the clergy, and other public officials have abused their power and sexually assaulted victims. The criminal system repeatedly fails to take appropriate legal action against the perpetrators  that have violated civilian’s rights. Victims can count on our New Jersey civil sexual assault attorneys to pursue justice. We protect you throughout the process and recover monetary compensation for your suffering.

Common situations where sexual assault occurs and victims seek civil remedies to obtain justice

Turn to our New Jersey civil litigation lawyers when you have not been able to receive justice from the criminal legal system. Even if there has been a criminal conviction from the abuse you have suffered, you can still file a civil lawsuit. The conviction only enhances the likelihood that you recover damages. The most common types of civil sexual abuse that go unprosecuted include:

Take a stand today and speak with a leading New Jersey civil litigation attorney

There are options if you have been the victim of sexual assault. We provide free, confidential consultations so you can get informed about your rights. Our New Jersey civil litigation attorneys offer flexible night and weekend appointments for your convenience. For an appointment with an attorney from Leonard Legal Group, call our 24-hour call center at 973-984-1414 or contact us online.