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Taking legal action against Johnson & Johnson for injury caused by talcum powder

Talcum powders, like Johnson’s Baby Powder, have been touted as safe products for intimate human use for decades. Unfortunately, talc manufacturer Johnson & Johnson has known of a potentially life-threatening link between talcum powders and reproductive system cancers for more than forty years. Since 1971, the company has neglected to warn its customers of the dangers of exposure to their talcum powder, marketed as Johnson’s Baby Powder. At Leonard Legal Group, our New Jersey product liability attorneys are leading the fight against Johnson & Johnson for injuries caused by talcum powder.

The talcum powder problem

The 1971 study of talcum powder suggested a link between the powder’s ongoing use and ovarian cancer. Because vaginal tissue is among the most absorbent tissue in the body, the powder is absorbed into the ovaries. Talcum powder then becomes imbedded in the ovarian tissue. The health damage that follows ranges from serious reproductive issues to cancers. Some of the most recent research suggesting a causal link between ovarian cancer and talcum powders include:

  • Anticancer Research (2003) — This multi-disciplinary study found a significant statistical relationship between talcum powder use and ovarian cancer, but could not conclusively identify a causal relationship.
  • Cancer Epidemiology (2008) — This study, conducted by Harvard University, involved more than 3,000 woman and identified talcum powder as a significant risk factor.
  • Cancer Prevention Research (2013) — The data from this study identified talcum powder use as making ovarian cancer about 30% more likely.

In addition, you may have been exposed to talc without direct application, including:

  • Use in condom packaging
  • Use with diaphragms
  • Sanitary pad packaging

Johnson & Johnson willfully endangering consumers?

According to product liability law, manufacturers have a duty to warn consumers about potential risks of using their product. Studies show daily use of talcum powder increases the chances of getting ovarian cancer by 30-60%. Johnson & Johnson was well aware of the dangers. In 2014, Johnson & Johnson lost a lawsuit filed by a victim diagnosed with ovarian cancer after the company’s exectuives admitted that they knew about the link between ovarian cancer and talcum powder use. However, the company’s executives said they believed the risks were not significant enough to include a warning. More than $100 million in damages have already been paid to just two victims of Johnson’s Baby Powder. Our New Jersey talc attorneys protect the rights of injured victims. We hold companies accountable when they put profits before the wellbeing of consumers.

What to do next if you believe your ovarian cancer may be related to talcum powder exposure

Ovarian cancer is devastating. Our New Jersey talc injury attorneys are here to help. We do not charge you anything unless we recover compensation for you. However, the statute of limitations varies from state to state for claims of this nature, therefore we cannot tell you exactly how much more time you have to file a lawsuit. You should call us right away because the window to file a lawsuit may be closing.

Although there has not been a recall of these powders, we strongly encourage you to minimize exposure to talcum-based powders. These products are dangerous and were added to the International Agency for Research on Cancer’s list of possible carncinogens (cancer causing agents) in 2006. The studies have been inconclusive as to how much or how regularly talc powders need to be used in order to create a risk. The most recent research suggests that as little as once a week significantly increases the risks of ovarian cancer.

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