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There are thousands of product liability cases filed each year in the United States. When people purchase a product, they believe that the product is not defective and that it will not cause them harm. Unfortunately, many of the injuries that people have sustained could have been avoided amongst the numerous product liability cases filed. If the distributors or manufacturers had followed proper rules and regulations to ensure consumer safety, many of those injured would have remained unharmed by their products.

If you have suffered harm due to a defective product, you should contact our office to discuss your rights to file a product liability case with a New Jersey attorney. At Leonard Legal Group, we can assist you by determining if you have grounds to begin a product liability lawsuit. With the right representation, you can hold the responsible parties accountable for your injuries and possibly gain compensation. Scott Leonard is a Board-Certified Civil Trial Attorney and has handled product liability cases throughout New Jersey for over 25 years. 

What Are the Different Categories of Product Lawsuits?

In most product liability cases, there are usually three categories for which a product liability action can be brought. Below we have listed each of the categories and a short definition of what they entail.

  • Defective marketing: Defective marketing is also known as a failure to warn as the defect is in the incorrect information that the manufacturer included with the product. Often the flaw will be found in the form of incorrect instructions and warning labeling. If a plaintiff is alleging that there was a failure to warn, they argue that the manufacturer did not make the dangers clear therefore harming the consumer’s safety.
  • Defective design: This category refers to when a product is faulty due to its design. Often if a plaintiff is filing a claim that their injuries were due to a product’s defective design, they would need to prove that a safer alternative to the design should have been used. Additionally, they would need to prove that the safer design would have been practical and economically feasible for the manufacturer to produce without the design losing its primary purpose.
  • Defective manufacturing: With this category, a plaintiff will need to prove that the defect that caused their injuries occurred during the manufacturing process. In many product liability cases, a manufacturing defect is the most common. Often the manufacturing defect is due to low-quality materials and technical errors during the manufacturing process, amongst other reasons.

The Different Types of Defective Products in Injury Claims

There are many different types of product injury claims that a person can file for depending on the nature of their injuries and the circumstances surrounding them. Often product liability cases are incredibly complex as they usually involve multiple-party liability. If you would like to learn the most common product injury claims, you can look at the list below.

  • Various home appliances: Home appliances from kettles, stoves, and other electrical products have left victims with burns, gas line explosion injuries, and electrical shock injuries.
  • Defective household or workplace power tools: Many workers and ordinary individuals have suffered the loss of limbs, bruises, and lacerations from various power tools. These power tools include snowblowers, chain saws, drills, and garden equipment.
  • Various toys and children’s products: Numerous defective toys and baby products such as baby formula and electrical toys such as hoverboards have left children with severe injuries. The common injuries children suffer from due to product defects include fractured and broken bones, burns, poisoning, amputation, suffocating, and choking.
  • Auto vehicle defects: Auto product defects have led to many minor and catastrophic injuries over the years, including, in some cases, death. Some of the auto injuries suffered include burns, broken and dislocated bones, traumatic brain injuries, and amputations. The typical product defects are seat belts, gas tank defects, airbag failures, faulty acceleration parts, and defective braking systems with auto defects.
  • Vape Pens and Vaporizers: Many people are using vaporizers now instead of smoking cigarettes. There have been many cases where the device explodes because of a defective battery causing serious burns and personal injuries.

The Compensation That Can be gained in a New Jersey Products Liability Case

With product liability cases, those who have been injured due to defective products could be entitled to gain compensation. The damages you could be allowed to receive as compensation are listed below.

  • Certain medical expenses including, physical therapy, doctors, and hospital bills.
  • Certain punitive damages.
  • Lost wages or loss of future earnings.
  • Mental trauma and pain and suffering.
  • Damages for permanent disfigurement or disability, even if only partial.

Contact a New Jersey Products Liability Attorney Today for Assistance with Your Claim

Defective products will often lead to injuries that will cause the victim untold physical and emotional trauma. Should a defective product have injured you, you have the right to initiate a product liability claim with your New Jersey attorney. The legal team at Leonard Legal Group is happy to evaluate the rights of anyone seeking compensation for injuries they have received due to product defects. Scott Leonard is a Board-Certified Civil Trial Attorney and has handled product liability cases throughout New Jersey for over 25 years. Contact our firm at your earliest convenience for a free confidential consultation to discuss your options.