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Morristown New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Attorneys Represent Employees Injured On-The-Job

Ensuring employers make good on their workers’ compensation responsibilities

If you are injured on the job you have the right certain benefits. You give time and energy to your employer, but you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your health and wellbeing to your employer as well. At Leonard Legal Group, our New Jersey workers’ compensation attorneys provide skillful legal representation to employees injured at the workplace. We work hard to recover maximum compensation for your injuries, whether you were injured on the job, or suffer an exposure-related illness as a result of your duties.

What is workers’ compensation?

New Jersey began requiring employers to carry workers’ compensation insurance more than 100 years ago. The insurance covers almost every employee in the state, with very few exceptions. Our New Jersey workers’ compensation attorneys help you obtain rightful financial compensation, whether your injuries are temporary, or you have been permanently disabled. Workers’ compensation insurance ensures you are not left financially unstable while you recover. New Jersey workers’ compensation benefits includes:

  • Lost wages/temporary disability
  • Medical treatment from authorized providers Permanent disability
  • Death benefits

Fighting to recover workers’ compensation for employees classified as independent contractors

Independent contractors are not usually covered by workers’ compensation insurance. To save costs, employers often try to misclassify people who are really employees, as independent contractors. The test determining whether or not you are an employee comes down to how much control the employer has over you, and your work, on a daily basis. Our experienced New Jersey workers’ compensation attorneys take on these fact-driven cases and get results. We have more than two decades of experience on your side. You have a limited amount of time to take legal action for injuries you suffer on the job. Delaying taking legal action may force you to bear the financial burden for your injuries, so contact us today.

Premier New Jersey workers’ compensation attorneys fight for your rights to compensation after an injury in the workplace. Contact us for a free consultation

At Leonard Legal Group, we are here to answer your questions and ease your concerns about your workers’ compensation claim. For a free initial consultation with a knowledgeable New Jersey workers’ compensation attorney, call our 24-hour call center at 973-984-1414 or contact us online.