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Ensuring employers make good on their workers’ compensation responsibilities

If you are injured on the job, you have the right to certain benefits. You give time and energy to your employer, but you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your health and wellbeing to your employer as well. At Leonard Legal Group, our New Jersey workers’ compensation attorneys provide skilled legal representation to employees injured at the workplace. We work hard to recover maximum compensation for your injuries, whether you were injured on the job or suffer an exposure-related illness as a result of your duties.

Common Workplace Injuries in NJ

It is true that some jobs are simply more dangerous than others. However, every workplace has hazards, and there are even risks of serious injuries in office buildings and other locations that do not seem at all dangerous. The following are some examples of common workplace injuries. Remember that even if your injury does not seem that serious, medical treatment can still be costly, and you may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits.

Head and brain injuries

Many accidents can result in direct trauma to the head, which can cause skull fractures, traumatic brain injury (TBI), hemorrhaging, and other head injuries. Trauma can occur from falls, getting hit by falling objects, vehicle accidents, explosions, and more. All head and brain injuries need emergency treatment to prevent complications and reduce the likelihood of permanent impairments, though some victims still experience lasting effects of these injuries.

Back injuries

Many jobs involve heavy lifting, pulling, pushing, swinging tools, and other movements that can cause a variety of back injuries. You can also sustain a back injury simply from sitting in the wrong type of chair for hours at a time. The back supports the trunk of the body, and any type of injury can cause serious pain and movement restrictions. Back injuries include soft tissue injuries, herniated discs, dislocations, and more.

Spinal cord injuries

One of the most severe back injuries you can sustain is a spinal cord injury. You can incur damage to the spine from falls, getting hit by objects, and other traumatic blows to the back. Spinal cord injury victims need emergency trauma care, and they should be immediately immobilized. They often require hospitalization for monitoring and to reduce swelling. “Complete” spinal injuries will cut off messages from the brain to the body below the injury, resulting in total and irreversible paralysis.

Repetitive stress injuries (RSIs)

Some injuries do not occur from a single event but develop from repetitive motions as part of your job. Repetitive motions can include twisting, pulling, bending, reaching, and even typing. Some common RSIs include carpal tunnel syndrome, tendinitis, and bursitis. These injuries can prevent you from working until you receive treatment.

Toxic exposure injuries

Some jobs might expose you to toxic substances or chemicals. Whether exposure happens once or repeatedly, it can cause chemical burns, respiratory conditions, eye injuries, or even cancer.


Some particular traumatic workplace accidents can cause the amputation of a limb or extremity. This is a life-altering injury that has physical and mental effects on a person’s life. Amputees often cannot return to their previous jobs, and they might have to undergo extensive medical treatment and rehabilitative therapy. Prosthetics are available, though they are costly and regularly need to be replaced every couple of years.

These are only some of the many possible injuries you might sustain on the job. No matter what type of injury occurs, you should discuss your rights to workers’ compensation benefits with an experienced New Jersey attorney.

What is workers’ compensation?

New Jersey began requiring employers to carry workers’ compensation insurance for more than 100 years ago. The insurance covers almost every employee in the state, with very few exceptions. Our New Jersey workers’ compensation attorneys help you obtain rightful financial compensation, whether your injuries are temporary, or you have been permanently disabled. Workers’ compensation insurance ensures you are not left financially unstable while you recover. New Jersey workers’ compensation benefits include:

  • Lost wages/temporary disability
  • Medical treatment from authorized providers Permanent disability
  • Permanency Award
  • Death benefits

Fighting to recover workers’ compensation for employees classified as independent contractors

Independent contractors are not usually covered by workers’ compensation insurance. To save costs, employers often try to misclassify people who are really employees as independent contractors. The test determining whether or not you are an employee comes down to how much control the employer has over you, and your work, on a daily basis. Our experienced New Jersey workers’ compensation attorneys take on these fact-driven cases and get results. We have more than two decades of experience on your side. You have a limited amount of time to take legal action for injuries you suffer on the job. Delaying taking legal action may force you to bear the financial burden for your injuries, so contact us today.

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