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Morristown New Jersey Jet Ski & Watercraft Attorneys Advocate For Those Who Have Been Injured

Jet Ski accident attorneys making a difference

Jet skis have been a favorite summer pastime in New Jersey for years. Unfortunately, the number of reckless and untrained boaters is at an all-time high. At Leonard Legal Group, our New Jersey accident lawyers are always shocked at the number of innocent victims suffering devastating injuries on jet skis due to the reckless and careless actions of others. Trust our skilled New Jersey accident attorneys to recover the compensation you need.

Causes of personal watercraft accidents in New Jersey

There are many potential causes of personal watercraft accidents. The most tragic of which result when a boat collides with a watercraft. There is a misconception that the bigger boat has the right of way on the water. This is untrue and often leads to a much larger watercraft causing the wrongful death of the driver and any passengers. Our New Jersey accident attorneys are committed to helping victims wrongfully injured by the negligence of others.

Common causes of jet ski accidents include:

  • Following other watercraft too closely
  • Inexperience — Most jet ski drivers involved in accidents have never operated one more than a few times
  • Unlicensed operator
  • Intoxication or driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Not wearing a Coast Guard approved personal floatation device
  • Driving at unsafe speeds
  • Reckless driving

New Jersey watercraft license requirements

Operator’s licenses for personal watercrafts are required in the state of New Jersey. They are relatively easy to obtain and make a big difference in the way personal injury cases are litigated. Having the license makes recovering full compensation much easier for our New Jersey jet ski accident attorneys. If you do not have one, the defendant’s attorneys are going to try to use your lack of formal training as evidence of your contributory negligence as the cause of the accident.

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