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Can I Sue the Person Who Sexually Assaulted Me?

Unwanted sexual acts and assaults leave serious physical, psychological, and emotional wounds that can impact victims for many years to come. In addition to reporting a sexual assailant to the authorities who can pursue a criminal case, the victim of a sexual assault can also file a civil claim or lawsuit against the abuser. The main purpose of a civil lawsuit is to pursue monetary compensation and damages for the physical harm and emotional distress that resulted from the sexual assault.

If you or someone you care about has been the victim of sexual assault or other unwanted sexual acts, a skilled and compassionate New Jersey sexual assault lawyer at Leonard Legal Group can assist. Our firm has experience handling this type of case and understands the traumatic and serious nature of sexual assault crimes and the harm they cause. We will do everything possible to ensure that you obtain the justice you deserve – and the financial compensation that you need – for everything that you went through.

Common Types of Sexual Assault in New Jersey

Incidents of sexual assault are unfortunately all too common in New Jersey and throughout the United States. Sexual abuse and assault offenses include many types of activities, including incest, molestation, sexual harassment, and various forms of rape. In many cases of sexual assault, there is a relationship between the victim and the accused, and the accused is someone whom the victim knows relatively well.

Although sexual assault can lead to physical wounds, it can also leave emotional scars that can last for the remainder of the abuse victim’s life. Particularly, if the abuser is someone whom the victim knew well, the victim may be left with feelings of guilt, betrayal, shame, and embarrassment years after the abuse occurs. The victim might also suffer the various effects of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

What Actions Can I Take Following a Sexual Assault?

If you are a victim of sexual assault in New Jersey, in addition to helping authorities file criminal charges against your abuser, you may be able to file a civil lawsuit and pursue monetary compensation for everything that you went through. Criminal prosecution of a sexual abuser can lead to possible probation, monetary fines, and jail time. However, the best way for an abuse victim to pursue justice and compensation for the harm he or she suffered is to file a civil claim or lawsuit against the abuser.

In some instances, if a judgment is entered by a court against the abuser, the abuser may not be financially able to pay the damages that the court awards. When that happens, the abuse victim may be able to go after the personal assets that the abuser owns. If the abuse happened in connection with an organization, the organization might also be held liable. An experienced and compassionate New Jersey sexual assault lawyer will be able to explore all of your legal options and remedies with you and could file a claim or lawsuit against the abuser on your behalf.

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