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Sexual Abuse Claims against Priests Can Have Complications

Around the world in recent years, there have been many victims who have come forward with allegations that their sexual abusers were well-respected priests of Catholic churches. These survivors’ heartbreaking stories involve young children being sexually abused by the very priests they were supposed to place their trust in. These tragic cases have inspired many more survivors to come forward and tell their stories and seek justice for what was sadly done to them.

All forms of sexual abuse are horrific and incredibly traumatizing. Being a victim of sexual abuse at a priest’s hands can leave lifelong emotional and physical trauma. Should you have been the victim of sexual abuse due to a priest’s actions, you can seek assistance from a New Jersey sex abuse claims attorney. An attorney from the Leonard Legal Group can help you gain compensation and emotional closure and seek and strive to attain the justice you rightly deserve.

Sexual Abuse Statistics: Clergy Abuse

Shockingly numerous reports have begun to show a disturbing trend. These reports have showcased how widespread clergy sexual abuse allegation cases have arisen throughout the world, including the United States against various churches. It is estimated that approximately 8600 clergy abuse survivors have received roughly 3.8 billion dollars in compensation from the Catholic Church alone. Sadly this is but a fraction of the survivors believed to be victims of sexual abuse at priests’ hands. Many believe there to be more than 10000 victims who have yet to come forward in the US.

Perhaps what’s most disturbing is, according to a news article by NBC, there are more than 1700 clergy who have been accused of abuse that has been left mostly unsupervised. Many of these 1700 religious figures have had credible claims made against them, but instead of being brought to justice, law enforcement and the churches they belong to have largely left them alone. Many of these priests, monks, and deacons are now teachers, sexual abuse counselors, and coaches. The article by NBC is just one of many that have highlighted priests and clergymen who have continued to thwart justice.

Sexual Abuse Claims against Priests and How There is an Ongoing and Historical Lack of Accountability

Historically, there were always complications that victims would face when alleging that a priest had sexually abused them. Many victims would be ostracized, mocked, and believed to be liars. The churches have always held power over their subjects, and according to many, anyone who claimed sexual abuse was in some instances punished by the church in a variety of ways.

In America, many priests were not penalized or put on trial for their horrific actions but instead transferred to a different church. This means that many sexual abusers were consistently transferred to various congregations and parishes where they continued to commit crimes. Unfortunately, it is believed that the different churches had no idea that a priest accused of sexual abuse was sent to them, and the vicious cycle would often continue.

Moreover, throughout history, many victims have complained directly to their churches. Others, for fear of what would be done or thought of them, never reported the sexual abuse crimes perpetrated against them. In 2021, there are still survivors who have come forward who are not receiving the justice they deserve. Additionally, there are still those victims who are too afraid to come forward with their truth. This has left many priests with largely no accountability for their heinous actions.

What a Sexual Abuse Lawsuit Against a Priest Can Accomplish

Despite a historical and ongoing lack of accountability, many lawsuits have been brought against priests in recent years. Victims of sexual abuse will likely have profound emotional, physical trauma accompanied by financial strain. A civil lawsuit can help sexual abuse survivors attain the support and compensation they need to begin their healing journey.

Additionally, a civil lawsuit against a priest can help ensure that no one else is ever abused by that person again. Coming forward and initiating a lawsuit can also go a long way in preventing other priests and religious figures from committing sexual abuse crimes in the future. It’s important to note that a positive outcome to a civil lawsuit against a priest for sexual abuse is never guaranteed. However, with the right lawyer and sufficient evidence, survivors are one step closer to attaining compensation and justice.

Contact a New Jersey Sexual Abuse Attorney to Discuss Your Clergy Sexual Abuse Case

Sexual abuse at the hands of anyone, let alone a priest is often incredibly traumatizing. Fortunately, survivors have the right to hold their abusers accountable for the heinous crimes done against them. Although no amount of compensation can ever replace a victim’s pain and suffering, a New Jersey sexual abuse attorney can help survivors gain the compensation they deserve. Scott Leonard is a Board-Certified Civil Trial Attorney and has handled sex abuse cases throughout New Jersey for over 25 years. A compassionate sexual abuse attorney from Leonard legal Group can fight for a survivor’s rights and help alleviate some of the immense burdens they carry. Contact our law firm today to schedule a free confidential consultation.