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What Are The Most Common Factors in Collisions Between Commercial Trucks and Automobiles?

Crashes between commercial trucks and automobiles often lead to devastating property damage, catastrophic injuries, or worse, loss of life. Truck vs. automobile crashes leads to more serious injuries than a car vs. car collision because an automobile is simply no match for a massive commercial truck. Commercial trucks are likewise heavier than passenger cars and take a longer time to brake, so the injuries suffered in truck crashes are more severe and debilitating.

Why Commercial Truck Accidents Happen

Driver Error

A recent study by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration found that the most common factor that causes truck crashes is driver error, which can include the following:

Equipment Failure

Even seemingly minor mechanical issues could lead to a devastating crash. Common mechanical issues that could result in truck crashes include:

Impaired Driving

A trucker who’s under the influence of alcohol or drugs risks the safety of other road users since their judgment, reaction time, and reflexes are impaired. Impaired driving can also happen when a trucker is fatigued or tired. Fatigued driving is just as hazardous as driving while drugged or drunk since the trucker’s senses aren’t at their peak. Additionally, some prescription and OTC drugs can cause drowsiness.

Negligent Trucking Company Practices

In many cases, a trucking company’s commitment to meeting delivery deadlines creates unrealistic schedules, driver fatigue, and improper loading, which increases the risk of a truck accident. Federal rules limit the number of hours truckers can drive to 11 consecutive hours, and truckers must rest for at least 10 hours following a long shift to combat driver fatigue.

Unfortunately, some truckers push themselves to the limit due to pressure from their employers when completing deliveries. Many truckers are usually forced to drive for 14 to 16 hours. Some of them fall asleep while driving, which raises the risk of a serious crash.

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