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Fire Hazards and Injuries Caused by Amazon Products

Amazon and its popular private-label line AmazonBasics have come under fire in recent years for faulty products that are a danger to those who purchase them. Many of these reportedly dangerous products include USB cords, phone chargers, batteries, surge protectors, and microwaves, to name a few.

According to an analysis of AmazonBasics products dating back to 2016 on its website, more than 1,500 reviews of more than 70 items report products that explode, smoke, melt, catch fire, or pose other dangerous risks. Many consumers have submitted complaints not just to Amazon but to government regulators as well.

To be fair, fire hazards are present in other manufacturers’ products. Also, some of the accidents stemming from these products could be the result of user error. Still, the company is under scrutiny for failing to adequately take action and for a lack of transparency. When a customer buys a product with the Amazon name on it, especially products that Amazon touts as “Amazon Choice,” a certain level of quality is expected. When those products fail to meet even basic safety regulations and cause people to get hurt, that’s when the law may be required to step in.

What Is Amazon Doing About the Problem?

Despite numerous reports of fire hazards with many AmazonBasics products, many of these products still remain for sale on the site, according to CNN. Even the Washington Post, which is owned by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, is reporting that government regulators are reviewing antitrust issues regarding allegations Amazon is misleading consumers about product safety.

In addition to the problems with some AmazonBasics products, additional hazards are being reported on third-party items as well. These vendor products account for 58 percent of the 500 million items for sale on Amazon. Even though Amazon is not manufacturing these products, the company may still be found legally negligent for facilitating the sales of defective products that cause injuries.

Amazon Pays Settlement to a Victim of USB Cord Fire

Plaintiffs are now filing claims against Amazon for injuries suffered as a result of defective products sold on Amazon.

For example, one man in Connecticut filed a claim saying that his AmazonBasics USB charging cord overheated and ignited his office chair, burning it completely. Not only did the fire cause serious property damage, but the man suffered 2nd-degree burns and throat injuries stemming from the fire.

Not long after his attorneys filed the lawsuit, Amazon paid him a confidential settlement for damages. As it turns out, previous buyers of the cord posted reviews with explicit warnings regarding overheating and burning for more than a year before the incident.

Seek Help from a New Jersey Products Liability Lawyer to File a Claim Against Amazon

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