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Deadliest Counties for Car Accidents in NJ

The Deadliest Counties for Traffic Accidents in New Jersey

2017 reported the highest number of traffic accidents in New Jersey in the past decade, a disturbing new report shows. The New Jersey State Police tallied 603 fatal accidents in 2017. From these accidents, 636 fatalities were reported.

2017 saw close to 6 percent more deaths as compared to 2016. More than 636 traffic accident deaths have not been reported since 2007, during which 724 people died. The most recent low in traffic accident fatalities was seen in 2013, during which 542 people were killed. Since that point, however, the number of traffic-related deaths has been on the rise.

The 636 fatalities are equivalent to 1.72 deaths every single day throughout the state of New Jersey.

The data has not been fully analyzed at this point, but many predict that distracted driving is partially responsible for the increase in traffic deaths. The popularity of smartphones has corresponded with an increase in traffic deaths.

However, all of the news is not grim. The number of traffic deaths is still low when compared to past decades. For example, in the 1980s, approximately 1,000 people were killed in accidents every year. In 1981, 1,160 were killed. The number of traffic fatalities did not fall below 600 until 2008, which reported 590 fatalities. Many New Jersey State Police reports theorized that stricter enforcement measures and strong community outreach contributed to the decrease.

Though New Jersey’s traffic fatality numbers seem to be on the rise, the state is still home to some of the lowest traffic death rates in the country. In 2016, New Jersey reported the fifth-lowest death rate (when compared with population) in the United States. That year, traffic-related deaths were 6.7 per 100,000 people, and 0.78 per 100 million vehicle-miles driven, which was the sixth-lowest rate in the country.

Highways and interstates, due to their higher speed limits, generally report more traffic deaths.

The highest number of traffic deaths in New Jersey occurred in the following counties:

  • Ocean County: 53 accidents; 54 deaths
  • Burlington County: 47 accidents; 49 deaths
  • Middlesex County: 44 accidents; 28 deaths
  • Monmouth County: 43 accidents; 46 deaths
  • Gloucester County: 43 accidents; 44 deaths
  • Camden County: 40 accidents; 44 deaths
  • Essex County: 40 accidents; 41 deaths
  • Atlantic County: 34 accidents; 36 deaths
  • Union County: 34 accidents; 35 deaths
  • Morris County: 27 accidents; 30 deaths

In Ocean County, Route 70 saw the most accidents—there were 9 on that roadway, 8 of which happened on the Garden State Parkway. Routes 88 and 9 also reported several fatalities, and County Route 528 in Lakewood reported four.

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