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We wear seatbelts. Install smoke alarms, don life vests and protective sporting gear. Yet, in spite of our efforts to prevent accidents, they do occur. It is part of our everyday life. But just because accidents happen doesn’t mean you need to suffer in silence. If you or a loved one has sustained a personal injury due to another’s negligence, you have a right to receive just compensation for your injuries. The leading legal team at the Leonard Legal Group located near Madison NJ aggressively fights for the rights of accident victims. Our attorneys have a demonstrated track record of successfully recovering maximum compensation for our clients.

What types of accidents are covered under personal injury law in NJ?

Personal injury law covers injuries that are the result of negligence on behalf of another person. Car accidents are the cause of the most personal injury cases in the United States, but injuries can be sustained in any of the following:

The type of accident is not of primary importance; the issue is whether the injury suffered can be attributed to another individual or entity’s negligence or wrongful action.

I have sustained an injury in Madison. What type of compensation can I receive?

Central to all personal injury cases is the issue of liability and damages. “Damages” refers to the amount – monetarily, physically, or emotionally – your injuries have cost you. In a personal injury case, the party found legally responsible for the accident – which, in some cases is an insurance company — pays monetary damages to the injured party. Damage awards may be agreed upon after a negotiated settlement or may be ordered by a judge or jury after a court trial.

Our Madison New Jersey personal injury attorneys fight for your rights to compensation

You may be a victim of an accident or other personal injury. But you don’t need to stay a victim. You have the right to receive just compensation for your pain and suffering. The Madison injury attorneys at Leonard Law Group are leaders in the field of personal injury law. Attorney Scott G. Leonard is a Board Certified Trial Lawyer, was designated a New Jersey Super Lawyer (2008-2017) by his peers, and fought to protect the rights of accident victims as President of the New Jersey Association for Justice. If you or a loved one has suffered an injury, do not delay. Contact our office today at 973-884-1414 or online to schedule a confidential consultation.


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Accomplished personal injury legal team at the Leonard Legal Group near Florham Park is experienced and knowledgeable, serving as leaders in their field after a car accident.