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Cardinal Theodore E. McCarrick

Sexual abuse by Roman Catholic priests has been widely publicized in recent decades. While many priests and clergy have been implicated in many cases, certain clergy seemed to engage in ongoing abuse over the course of long and lasting careers. One man, former Cardinal Theodore E. McCarrick, had a particularly harmful impact on numerous seminarians and children in New Jersey over the course of nearly 60 years.

Allegations state that former Cardinal McCarrick engaged in sexual abuse for decades, while still continuing to rise up the ranks of the diocese and become a Cardinal. Certain victims began reporting allegations against McCarrick in the 1990s, and the church secretly settled with victims of McCarrick’s out of court in 2005 and 2007. Still, McCarrick continued to serve high in the ranks of the Catholic Church.

The Vatican finally defrocked McCarrick earlier in 2019 after a church tribunal found that he was guilty of abusing both children and adults, as well as abusing a position of power to engage in the abuse. People continue to come forward with allegations against the now-88-years-old former Cardinal, and at least one case is pending currently. McCarrick refuses to admit to abuse or sexual assault, though officials have found evidence to the contrary.

Bringing Sex Abuse Allegations Against the Church

Many people suffered sexual abuse at the hands of clergy members of the Catholic Church. Until recently, the church regularly tried to sweep allegations under the rug, providing secret payments to victims and allowing the accused to continue serving in their posts in the church. This can be a particularly painful situation for brave survivors who decide to report their abuse to the church.

Now, if anyone in New Jersey believes they suffered abuse at the hands of McCarrick or any other clergy member, it is important to come forward and seek legal assistance. Abuse victims deserve to receive proper compensation for the harm they suffered, and New Jersey law has changed to give certain victims another chance to bring a claim.

The law significantly extended the statute of limitations for sexual abuse victims. In addition, if the statute of limitations previously expired in your case, you now have a two-year window in which you are allowed to bring a legal claim. Do not let this opportunity pass you by, as it is important for victims to receive compensation – both for justice to be served and to prevent abusers from preying on more victims.

If you wish to discuss a possible case and your current opportunity to bring a claim against McCarrick or any other member of the clergy, you should not wait to schedule a free consultation with our compassionate legal team today.

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