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Representing Victims Abused by Members of the Diocese of Metuchen

Accusations of sexual abuse by members of the Catholic Church in New Jersey – and nationwide – continue to arise, and the Diocese of Metuchen is not excluded. For a long time, many former sex abuse victims felt helpless, as so much time had passed since their abuse occurred, and the law barred action based on time passed. However, New Jersey recently changed its laws and provided important rights for those who suffered child sex abuse to hold the Diocese accountable for the harm they suffered.

The Leonard Legal Group is dedicated to standing up for the rights of those who experienced sexual abuse by members of the Diocese of Metuchen, as well as dioceses across New Jersey. If you would like to set up a confidential and no-cost consultation with a New Jersey sex abuse lawyer, please contact our law firm today.

Sexual Abuse in the Diocese of Metuchen

Like many other dioceses throughout the United States, numerous priests and other employees have already been accused of sexually abusing children in the Diocese of Metuchen.

  • Banko, John M.
  • Casey, John J.
  • Cashman, Michael J.
  • Cole, Raymond L.
  • Corbesero, Eugene D.
  • Dolak, Mark
  • Duggan, Kevin P.
  • Farrell, George A.
  • Ganley, Thomas P.
  • Giordano, John C.
  • Huels, John
  • Kuffner, Patrick J.
  • Littleton, Gregory J.
  • Santillo, Michael P.
  • Spalding, John B.
  • Zielinski, Tomasz Adam

These are only names that have appeared in news reports and other public sources, and there very well might be many more abusers. Do not hesitate to assert your rights just because the name of your abuser is not listed above.

New Rights of New Jersey Abuse Victims

The statute of limitations in New Jersey for allegations of harm from sex abuse was previously minimal, which prevented most people from bringing claims against church officials. However, the new law enacted gives people the right to bring claims within the following timeframes:

  • Seven years after the abuse is discovered or up to age 55
  • Within the next two years (until November 30, 2021) for all abuse victims, regardless of whether the above statute of limitations has expired

Right now, victims of child sex abuse have the opportunity to bring claims no matter how long it has been since the abuse occurred. The two-year clock has already been ticking, however, and time will run out quickly. If you believe that you might have a case against the Diocese of Metuchen, now is the time to come forward.

The right attorney can help you seek compensation for the physical harm and mental trauma you endured as a result of child sexual abuse. We understand these cases are not easy, but we are here to advocate for your rights every step of the way.

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