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Diocese of Paterson

Helping to Seek Justice for Survivors of Child Sex Abuse in the Diocese of Paterson

For a long time, survivors of child sex abuse by members of the Diocese of Paterson felt helpless, and rightfully so. The previous state of the law in New Jersey provided minimal protections for sex abuse victims, and victims would have needed to take swift action following the abuse to get justice. As of December 2019, however, the opportunities and rights of survivors were significantly expanded in New Jersey.

If a priest or someone else employed by the Diocese of Camden sexually abused you or a loved one, it is time to speak with a child sex abuse attorney you can trust. At Leonard Legal Group, we have already brought claims on behalf of church sex abuse survivors, and we are ready to help you and handle your situation with care and respect. Contact us today for a confidential conversation.

Diocese of Paterson Allegations

About 30 priests and employees have already been accused of sex abuse in the Diocese of Paterson. The following are known individuals facing allegations, though this does not mean this list is exhaustive. We can help if you believe you have an abuser who is or is not on this list:

  • Alonso (Alonzo), Jose
  • Bradley, Charles V.
  • Brennan, Timothy J.
  • Capato, Justin J.
  • Coutinho (Continuho), Absalom
  • Cramer, William N.
  • Dennehy, Francis X.
  • Dericks, John Henry
  • Flavin, Malachy
  • Fox, Donald
  • Guzman, Carlos
  • Hanley, James T.
  • Lopez Durango, Jose
  • Lott, Richard E./Edward
  • McCarthy, William
  • Molloy, Joseph W.
  • Nugent, Francis “Frank” E.
  • Nurek, Marcin
  • Perretta, Andrew T.
  • Pisarcik, John G.
  • Rainforth, Thomas G
  • Sella, Donald J.
  • Shaw, Eileen
  • Smith, James A.D
  • Sodano, Ralph H.
  • Stepien, Allen F.
  • Sutton, John
  • Varettoni, Julian B.
  • Winston, William L.

Your Rights Under New Jersey Law

Not only can child sex abusers face criminal charges, but victims can also file claims in civil court to seek compensation for the harm and losses they suffered. However, prior to last year, victims had an extremely limited time in which they could file a claim. Many victims were not ready to discuss their abuse – or might not even realize they were abused – within this short timeframe.

The new law in effect significantly extends the statute of limitations for bringing a sex abuse claim. Child sex abuse survivors can bring claims until:

  • They reach 55 years of age
  • Seven years after the discovery of the abuse

Even if you are not within the above time periods, the law opened a temporary two-year window in which survivors who were previously prohibited from bringing claims can now seek compensation in civil court. This window is open for all victims of child sex abuse, no matter their age or how much time has passed.  The deadline to file is November 30, 2021.

Consult with an Experienced and Committed NJ Child Sex Abuse Lawyer for claims against the Diocese of Paterson

Your rights as a child sex abuse survivor have been expanded in New Jersey, though it is important to take action as soon as possible. The Leonard Legal Group is filing claims against the Diocese of Paterson on behalf of sex abuse victims, and we can help you. Call 973-984-1414 or contact us online for your confidential consultation with a trusted attorney.