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Representing Sexual Abuse Victims from the Newark Archdiocese

The spotlight has been on Catholic churches and diocese around the United States, including throughout New Jersey, regarding sex abuse victims. New Jersey recently gave sex abuse victims expanded rights to bring claims against the church, no matter how old they are or when the abuse occurred. However, for many, there is only a limited time to take action and hold priests and other church leaders accountable for the devastating harm they caused.

At Leonard Legal Group, we stand up for the rights of people who suffered abuse at the hands of the Newark Archdiocese. 80 or more priests and others working for the diocese have been accused of abuse, though there might be others, and no one should hesitate to raise allegations against those not already accused.

We know how difficult it can be to face an abuser and recount what happened, but it is important for victims to find justice and hold the Newark diocese liable for the harm and losses they experienced. Consultations are free and completely confidential, so please contact a dedicated sex abuse lawyer for help today.

Your Rights Under New Jersey Law

Previously, the statute of limitations for sex abuse allegations prevented many victims from bringing lawsuits against their abusers. Now, however, New Jersey’s new law allows people to bring claims of child sex abuse up to seven years after they discover they were abused or up to age 55. The law also opened a two-year window to allow abuse victims to bring claims even if they are outside of the new statute of limitations. This means that no matter how old you are now, as of December 1, 2019, you have a two-year opportunity to hold your child sex abuser liable. This is not a long time, and it is important to find the right attorney to represent you as soon as possible.

Newark Archdiocese Accused Sex Abusers

As mentioned, many different individuals in the Newark Archdiocese alone have been the subject of allegations of sex abuse. Some priests have been criminally indicted in the past for child sex abuse and removed from the priesthood. These include Father Richard J. Mieliwocki, who faces multiple new accusers.  We have recently filed a lawsuit against Mieliwocki and the Archdiocese of Newark and our investigation is ongoing.

The following are additional names of accused church officials in Newark:

Alcamo, Robert

Andre, Sister

Batista, Jorge

Benedetto, James T.

Bergeur, John X.

Bonelli, Vincent

Bouton, John C.

Campanlonga, Michael

Capparelli, John M.

Carey, James A.

Chabak, Robert H.

Chaney, John B.

Cheplic, Peter A.

Coakley, Robert “Br. Edmund”

Cocozza, Dennis E.

Crespo, Arturo

Crouse, William S.

Dagwell, John H.

Defrias, Hadmels R.

DiPeri, Joseph

Dominic, Yusaf

Donohue, John J.

Dowd, William J.

Duffy, Thomas F.

Eilert, Edward J.

Ernst, David A.

Fagan, Joseph P.

Flanagan, John

Ford, Thomas Cuthbert

Fugee, Michael C.

Gadek, Lawrence

Galdon, Richard

Gallo Espinoza, Manuel

Giblin, William

Gibney, Robert G.

Giella, Augustine

Granstrand, Charles P.

Guglielmo, Alan

Gugliotta, Kevin A.

Hartling, Charles W.

Heustis, Jerome “Jerry”

Hewitt, Andrew

Heyndricks, Eugene P.

Hudson, Charles J.

Jerome, Vincent

Komar, John E.

Kortina, Kevin

Kuntz, James F.

Laferrera, John J.

Maione, Francis T.

Marotta, Robert

Martin, Kenneth L.

McAulay, John R.

McCann, William

Medina, Horacio Daniel

Mieliwocki, Richard J.

Morel, Robert

Mousley, Thomas

Nickas, John P.

O’Brien, Michael J.

Omarini, Contardo Angelo

O’Sullivan, Timothy Joseph

Pecklers, Keith F.

Phelan, Victor

Regina, Sister

Reilly, Thomas H.

Rengifo, Jesus Orlando

Rice, Joseph P.

Ruane, Gerald P.

Salazar, Mario

Sita (Howard), Carmen (Gerald)

Stanford (Stamford), Thomas

Stanley, Edward

Stauffer, Robert

Sudol, Gerard J./Gerald

Svec, Robert

Walsh, Peter M.

Walters, Michael (Mitch)

Worry, Benedict

Zasacki, Robert E.

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